003 | Finally!
Sunday, February 7, 2010
This blog is up for now. :)

Three things to be seen to:
- The pages in the sidebar need to be created. I need help on this, guys, if some of you have forgotten I'm actually quite new to the board. ^^;
- The URL is still wrong. I've complained to Blogger already, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.
- Archives. Still getting ready that code, sorry. :)
- We need more followers! That's where you come in! :D

Apart from that, well, we're ready to go! BOD, please notify me which e-mails you want the Invitation to be an author to be sent to. Preferably a Gmail account, because Blogger doesn't work well with Hotmail. IDK why.

Thank you!

002 | District Governer Visit
Monday, November 9, 2009

hey guys,

Last weekend some of us Interactors met with the District Governer of Rotary District 3300, DG Leslie Salehuddin and Assistant Governer, AG Veiven Goon.

On Friday, 6th of Novemeber, Darren, Wen Yi and I (Shiva) met with the DG, AG and a few of the Rotarians - President Frances, President-Elect Poay Lim and Past President Elsie at this restaurant in Sime Darby Convention Center. We told them about what our club has done as well as our future plans. The meeting went on quite well and the DG was impressed and gave a few more ideas on our projects.

Us with the DG, AG and Rotarians.

On the next day, we and a few other Interactors - Hsing Shan, Farzan, Sarah Nunis, Sanjiv and Darren T. went for the Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise(RCBKS) meeting. Yea, we had to wake up early on a Saturday morning and all but it was no big deal. The meeting was at Bukit Kiara Club. It went on quite well. We served a good breakfast and yes second and third rounds were allowed. :) Since it was the DG's official visit to the club all the directors of the Rotary Club were giving reports on the activities planned and all. Some of it even had our interactors in it.

The DG giving his speech

Then the DG gave his speech. To me, he is really good at giving speeches and I think those there would have agreed. In his speech (to be honest) I have no idea how many times he spoke about our Interact Club. I have to admit, Hartamasians always give a good impression. We somehow listened to his speech although all of us were suffering from the air-cond which was blowing right at us.

And as usual whenever we go for their meetings, the money they get from their Fines Session always ends up going to us. They collected RM160 for us. A decent amount although we have gotten more in previous visits. (I AM NOT COMPLAINING)

Rotary Club or Lottery Club???

It is a tradition in RCBKS that on the first meeting of every month they cut a birthday for everyone born in that month. And they did that on Saturday too. Somehow, the interactors got dragged in it too. Yes, Hsing Shan (Nov 12th) and I (Nov 6th) got dragged into it thanks to a few rotarians and Darren.

The cake was yummy.

Overall, it was a good meeting. We got the DG and Rotarians impressed although they kept calling us "The Black Mafia" (because of our uniforms).

Group pic!

That's all for now,
Shiva Narrthine

p/s: We need more money :)