001 | Opening
Thursday, October 29, 2009
Hey guys!

This is just a testing post; I've just opened the blog up for public viewing. The thing is, Blogger doesn't permit me to use the "" URL, saying it's not available, yet when I type in that URL it says "Blog is not found". Retarded lah! :( So that explains the dash. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Another thing, lots and lots of thumbs up to the people that sold food and stuff for the past few weeks! You have made Shiva very happy. I know, because... I sit next to her in class. And she laughs all day now. :D Haha.

Well, that's it for now I guess. We had our first Annual Grand Meeting today. Not quite as responsive as we'd liked it to be, but at least we weren't infinitely noisy/annoying like some other clubs. Next year, make sure to come for all the meetings kay! :)

Will keep you updated,
Alia Astaman
Director of Publicity.

p/s: Will all the directors please let me know which e-mail (for those with more than one) I should invite to be authors of this blog? Oh, and we have to discuss the layout and what information I should put too. X